I would like to be a CWS foster!
Please fill in the questionnaire which follows for us to know if you are suitable for fostering and for us to find an appropriate rescue cat for you.Thanks for filling the form out. Our team will contact you as and when a suitable fostering opportunity arises.
Hi there! Can we get your first name? *

Thanks for that, {{answer_40162062}}! Can we also get your surname? *

How old are you? *

And your contact number? *

Could you let us know of the address in which the cat(s) will be fostered? *

How many cats will you be able to foster? *

How long, realistically, would you be able to foster the cat(s)? *

What sort of space would you be able to dedicate to the cat(s)? *

Is your home safe for cats, i.e. with appropriate set up to prevent them from running out or falling out the windows? If not, are you agreeable and able to cat proof your house for the safety of the fostered cats? *

More details on meshing your home: http://www.catwelfare.org/meshing
Would you allow the rescuer(s) to visit your home prior to the fostering and during the period of the fostering? *

Do you currently have any pet/foster cats or have you fostered any cat(s) before? *

If yes, can please provide a short write up of your cat fostering experience.
Do you have any experience with fostering cats that require medical attention? e.g. popping pills or drips *

How much time do you have to spend with the cat on a daily basis?

If the cat has not been sterilised, would you be willing to take the cat in for sterilisation?

Would you be willing to take the cat in for adoption drives?

This will involve attending adoption drives, staying for the duration, bringing a cage, food and water for the cat at the drive.
Would you be willing to post the cat online for adoption?

On resources such as www.catwelfare.org/adoptions
Would you be willing to undertake that the cat will be rehomed responsibly in accordance with the CWS guidelines stipulated in www.catwelfare.org/adoptions? *

Thanks for completing this typeform
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